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SAFETY FIRST - At Ottawa Best Movers, we value the safety of our employees and our customers above all.
  • After the minimum hours have expired additional time is charged in 30 min increments. Your quoted rate will stay the same. No hidden charges.

  • Please empty all freezers, dishwashers and dryers and unplug them. Clean and dry them thoroughly. Disconnect and drain the hoses.

  • Please empty all dressers and cabinets prior to movers arrival.

  • Please put mattresses and box springs in plastic mattress bags to avoid dirt and damage.

  • Please be advised that extra charge of 100$ will apply where an item doesn't fit through the passageway and is required to be lifted through balconies. This procedure may require additional movers, depending on the item weight and balcony height.

    Please note hoisting furniture is high risk procedure - final decision and risk assessment will be made by movers on the site depending on the height, weight of the items, railing and weather condition.

    Ottawa Best Movers reserves the right to refuse of hoisting furniture if conditions are not safe.

  • Please arrange ahead with Ottawa Best Movers for any items over 250lb for special handling (additional fees may apply)

  • Ottawa Best Movers reserves the right to refuse to move items through passages or stairways with less than 2 inches clearance all around the walls/ceiling and the item in question. In agreeing to these terms and condition of service you are waiving any liability against Ottawa Best Movers for damage that might occur to the passage, stairways, walls or the items in question during execution of such maneuvers.

  • Travel time is based on the time it takes for our movers to get to your location from our office and back to the office after the move is completed.

  • Deposit is accepted by credit card or electronic transfer only and ensures that your preferred move date is held only for you.

  • Propane tanks and other hazardous and illegal materials are NOT allowed on the truck

  • Ottawa Best Movers recommends that boxes be closed and taped shut. For best results, all boxes should be as fully packed.

  • Frame less mirrors, glass products, glass tables, marble furniture, flat screen TV's , monitors, electronics without original boxing or proper packing will be not covered by our insurance.

  • We require all Ottawa Best Movers employees to wear safety shoes on the premises as per the Health and Safety guidelines, please don't ask to take the safety shoes off.

  • All electronics must preferably be packed in their original boxes.

  • None other than the employees of Ottawa Best Movers are allowed on the truck for insurance purposes.

  • We can guarantee morning arrivals only, any afternoon/ evening arrivals are subject to completion of previous job.

  • We do not dissemble/assemble fitness equipment (oversized treadmills, bikes, etc need to be taken apart prior to movers arrival).

  • Please make sure your driveway or pass way is accessible and free of ice. Ottawa Best movers reserves the right to refuse a move if condition are not safe for movers.

  • We do not disassemble any equipment that includes electrical wiring, e.g. treadmills and double doors fridges.

  • Any damages where the crew have pointed out to the customer that they are likely to occur and the customer accepts that risk will not be covered by insurance.

    An example of this would be moving an over-sized couch through a narrow stairway/hallway/doorway where the couch must touch the walls/railings/stairs in order to fit through the passage.

  • This is customers responsibility to contact the City of Ottawa in advance and arrange a parking permit for a moving truck in following cases:

    Any parking tickets issued to the moving truck at the loading /unloading time will be added to the customers bill.

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Frequently Asked

How much will my move cost?

Please check our pricing page .

Do you have any hidden fees?

No. We’re very proud to be one of the few moving companies that mention and list all charges upfront in your personalized, written quote. If the charge is not listed, you don’t pay it.

What time am I charged for?

The moving clock starts upon our crew’s arrival. It finishes when your last item unloaded from the truck and all floor runners and moving blankets are back in the truck. In addition we add one hour travel time for all local job in radius of 20 km from city hall.

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